This is a worksheet designed for algebra students developing skills in the rules of exponents. The task works to develop a comprehensive understanding of the rules by asking students to critique samples of student work that address common errors. Students are also asked to think critically about how order of operations might affect the result when simplifying exponential expressions. This worksheet would be best used when students have a strong knowledge of exponents, so that they are able to recognize errors, rather than believe them to be true.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_SSE_Exponents_Worksheet_Critique

PDF version: 912Algebra_SSE_Exponents_Worksheet_Critique


Algebra students are asked to use their knowledge of arithmetic and geometric sequences to critique two student answers. Students must identify and agree with a solution and construct an argument using sentence starters. The task then asks students to justify their selection using mathematical language and argumentation and supplies a checklist to remind students to provide a claim, evidence, and warrant.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_SSE_ArithmeticSequences_Worksheet_ConstructCritique

PDF version: 912Algebra_SSE_ArithmeticSequences_Worksheet_ConstructCritique


This worksheet is created for algebra students learning geometric sequences. A geometric sequence is given and students are asked to write the explicit formula. Two sample answers are given, where the first term and common ratio are mixed up, and students are to critique the answers. Sentence starters are provided with argumentation language to support the use of a claim, evidence, and warrants in the creation of the critique.

Microsoft Word version: 912AlgebraSSE_GeometricSequences_Worksheet_ConstructCritique

PDF version: 912AlgebraSSE_GeometricSequences_Worksheet_ConstructCritique


Algebra students are asked to use their knowledge of exponent rules to critique two student answers. Students must identify a solution they agree with and construct an argument using sentence starters that contain argumentation language. The exponential expression involves the quotient rule, product rule, and negative exponents rule. The task then asks students to justify their selection and critique by using mathematical language and argumentation and supplies a checklist to remind students to provide a claim, evidence, and warrants.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_SSE_Exponents_Worksheet_ConstructCritique

PDF version: 912Algebra_SSE_Exponents_Worksheet_ConstructCritique


This task has algebra students investigate how the distributive property works without giving the student the rule of distribution. Students must compare two different number rules involving both addition and multiplication and construct an argument as to why both rules generate the same number. The task provides an outline for a student response. The task does provide space for students to make a claim and it asks followup questions that allow students to explain the claim.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_SSE_LinearExpressions_Worksheet_Construct_TheNumberTrick

PDF version: 912Algebra_SSE_LinearExpressions_Worksheet_Construct_TheNumberTrick


This task was used in an Algebra 2 classroom during the first week of school. The objective was to introduce students to the type of tasks they would be engaged in throughout the course as well as to introduce the Talk Frame, a tool which would be consistently used throughout the year. As we began our journey into the world of mathematical arguments, the Talk Frame tool was a structured way to facilitate classroom discourse. This task provided a great way for students to talk about math and teach them how the Talk Frame would be used to help them share ideas and help them in constructing mathematical arguments and critiquing those of their peers.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_SSE_ConsecIntegers_Worksheet_Conjecture_SumsofConsecutiveIntegers

PDF version: 912Algebra_SSE_ConsecIntegers_Worksheet_Conjecture_SumsofConsecutiveIntegers


This task was used as a formative assessment in the Algebra 1 course.  Focus on critique of student work to help class discuss and reason the process of writing recursive and explicit sequences.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_SSE_ArithmeticSequences_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_1

PDF version: 912Algebra_SSE_ArithmeticSequences_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_1