What is an ARP?

What is an Argumentation Resource Packet?
An Argumentation Resource Packet (ARP) is a set of student work samples from classroom implementation of an argumentation task, along with commentaries about the student arguments that were developed by project team members and participants.
Each Argumentation Resource Packet contains the following:
     1. Packet Overview criteria for a high quality argument
     2. The Task
                   Context for each Task
     3.A “Sorting” protocol supports the use of the Sorting Packets. Teachers can use this protocol to guide their categorization and discussion of the student work before looking at the project-generated commentaries.
     4. The Student Work Sorting Packet is a set of student work (~5-10 samples in total) from a classroom implementation of an argumentation task that shows a range of approaches to the argument and a range of proficiencies with the quality/completeness of the argument and expressing an argument.
     5. The “Annotated Student Work” are commentaries that accompany each student work sample. There are two types: i) a more holistic description that identifies the agreed-upon categorization (high quality, adequate, low), describes the approach, and notes important strengths and areas for improvement; and ii) targeted commentary on the four specific criteria/components (claim, warrants, evidence, and language/computations).
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