Tasks & Tool Repository

Tasks & Tool Repository
The task repository contains tasks and tools focused on argumentation developed by Bridging Math Practices participants 2014-2015 cohort as part of their work in the 15-month grant project. Each task includes a brief description and is categorized by grade, math topic, domain and title. At the present time, the Tasks & Tool Repository includes over 200 tasks and tools for grades 2-6 and high school.
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 Full Repository Organized by Grade & CCSS-M Domain

 Task Organized by 

Argumentation Activity:

Conjecture, Construct, Critique

General Tools to Support


Rubrics, Graphic Organizers,

Peer Feedback Forms, etc.

Math By Topic: Elementary

Math By Topic: Secondary

Algebra & Geometry


Argumentation, General Tools

Task Type: Elementary, Secondary

Math Topic: Elementary, Secondary (Algebra), Secondary (Geometry)

CCSS-M Domain:

Grade 2 3 4 5 6 High School: Algebra High School: Geometry
Operations & Algebraic Thinking Grade 2 Tasks Grade 3 Tasks  Grade 4 Tasks Grade 5 Tasks
Number & Operations in Base Ten Grade 2 Tasks Grade 3 Tasks Grade 4 Tasks Grade 5 Tasks
Number & Operations ─ Fractions Grade 3 Tasks Grade 4 Tasks Grade 5 Tasks
Measurement & Data Grade 3 Tasks Grade 5 Tasks
Ratios & Proportional Relationships Grade 6 Tasks
The Number System Grade 6 Tasks
Expressions & Equations Grade 6 Tasks
Algebra: Seeing Structure in Expressions Algebra Tasks
Algebra: Arithmetic with Polynomials & Rational Expressions Algebra Tasks
Algebra: Creating Equations Algebra Tasks
Algebra: Reasoning with Equations & Inequalities Algebra Tasks
Functions: Interpreting Functions Algebra Tasks
Functions: Linear, Quadratic, & Exponential Models Algebra Tasks
 Geometry: Congruence Geometry Tasks
Geometry: Similarity, Right Triangles, & Trigonometry Geometry Tasks
Geometry: Geometric Measurement & Dimension Geometry Tasks



 Grade 1 2 3 4 5 6 High School: Algebra High School: Geometry
conjecture Grade 3 Tasks Algebra Tasks
construct Grade 1 Tasks Grade 3 Tasks Grade 4 Tasks Grade 5 Tasks Grade 6 Tasks Algebra Tasks Geometry Tasks
critique Grade 2 Tasks Grade 3 Tasks Grade 4 Tasks Grade 5 Tasks Grade 6 Tasks Algebra Tasks Geometry Tasks


General Tools:

Stars and Stairs Checklist Graphic Organizer Introducing Argumentation Rubric Talk Frame Lessons


Math Topic (Elementary):

Commutative Property Place Value Odd and Even Numbers Addition Subtraction Area Perimeter Rate of Change Percents
Volume Rounding Fractions Estimation Prime Numbers Decimals Associative Property Expressions Proportional Reasoning


Math Topic (Secondary):

Similar Triangles  Surface Area Corresponding Angles  Midpoints  Angle Bisectors
Triangle Congruence Parts of a Triangle Supplementary Angles Vertical Angles
 Pythagorean Theorem  Volume  Parallel Lines  Reflections Rotations
Triangle Proof  Special Right Triangles  Transformations
Linear Equations Functions – Theory Arithmetic Sequences Exponents
 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Linear Functions Geometric Sequences Linear Expressions
Linear Inequalities Exponential Functions Consecutive Integers Quadratic Expressions
Radical Equations Models



Task Type (Elementary):

Think, Pair, Share Argument Frame Word Problem Talk Frame Brief Argument Family of Tasks Peer Feedback
Grade 2 Problems Grade 3 Problems Grade 4 Problems Grade 5 Problems  Grade 6 Problems


Task Type (Secondary):

Worksheets Lesson Plans Assessments Talk Frames Warmups  Exit Slips
Algebra Algebra Worksheets Algebra Lesson Plans Algebra Assessments Algebra Talk Frames Algebra Warmups Algebra Exit Slips
Geometry Geometry Worksheets Geometry Lesson Plans Geometry Assessments Geometry Warmups Geometry Exit Slips