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Arguments: Supplemental Narrated Powerpoints

These 4 narrated powerpoint discuss arguments in more depth. 

Talk Frame Icons

Talk Frame Icons (Word version)

Talk Frame

Arguments and Procedures: How are procedures part of argumentation? 

More Helpful Resources About Mathematical Argumentation:


Additional Readings

  • Developing Essential Understanding of Proof and Proving: Grades 9 – 12, NCTM.
  • Reid, D. (2002). Describing reasoning in early elementary school mathematics.” Teaching Children Mathematics, 9(4), 234-237.

Reid describes several types of mathematical reasoning that elementary school students use and offers some pedagogical ideas. Article at:

Day 4 – Argumentation: Day 4_Arg_Handout 1_Take Aways and Resources


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Module 3: Comparing Fraction Video
Module 4: Clip 1 – Is it a Half? Video
Module 4: Clip 2 – Is it a Half? Video