About ARP

Teachers participating in the Bridging Math Practices project worked in grade-level teams, along with a UCONN-based project member, to produce the resource packet to support discussions about students’ mathematical argumentation. The student work samples were collected during the year as project teachers implemented argumentation tasks. Teachers sorted and discussed each work sample, ultimately identifying ~5-10 to include in the final ARP. Teachers then added commentaries to each of the work samples, identifying strengths of the students’ work and areas for improvement with respect to argumentation. These commentaries were vetted, refined, and now shared with you. The commentaries are not meant to be “right.” They are the product of thoughtful discussion and deliberation by a group who worked on ideas related to argumentation for a year. Thus the commentaries offer one, well thought out perspective, but there are other perspectives that could inform analyses of these student work samples as well.

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