This task was used as an exit slip for our special right triangles unit. The overall objective was for students to be able to label side lengths in special right triangles and articulate how they know the lengths. Students struggled defending their answers for the side lengths since they talked about how they were using their special right rules so “it has to be true”.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_SRT_SpecialRightTriangles_ExitSlip_Construct_PythagoreanTheoremandSpecialRightTrianglesExitSlip

PDF version: 912Geometry_SRT_SpecialRightTriangles_ExitSlip_Construct_PythagoreanTheoremandSpecialRightTrianglesExitSlip


This task is designed for geometry students developing skills with special triangles, specifically 30-60-90. Students are asked to critique student work that finds the length of the triangle’s hypotenuse and construct an argument either agreeing or disagreeing with the student work. The student work addresses a common error that students make when finding the hypotenuse of a 30-60-90 triangle. Students use the length of the shorter leg and double it in order to find the hypotenuse, but this student uses the wrong leg in his calculations.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_SRT_SpecialRightTriangles_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_30-60-90Go

PDF version: 912Geometry_SRT_SpecialRightTriangles_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_30-60-90Go


This task is designed for geometry students with a strong knowledge of special right triangles. Students are given a large triangle that is split into two triangles and are asked to determine different side lengths given just one side length and three angles. Students must recognize missing angles and identify the special triangles, while also knowing the proportions of the side lengths. The task asks for a mathematical argument that convinces others of the answer.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_SRT_SpecialRightTriangles_Worksheet_Construct_SpecialRightTriangles

PDF version: 912Geometry_SRT_SpecialRightTriangles_Worksheet_Construct_SpecialRightTriangles


This warm up is created for geometry students studying special right triangles. In two examples, students are given a side length and an angle measurement and must find the other two side lengths. Students are to construct an argument defending one of their side lengths in the final problem.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_SRT_SpecialRightTriangles_Warmup_Construct_SpecialRightTrianglesWarmup

PDF version: 912Geometry_SRT_SpecialRightTriangles_Warmup_Construct_SpecialRightTrianglesWarmup

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