This task was used as an exit slip for our special right triangles unit. The overall objective was for students to be able to label side lengths in special right triangles and articulate how they know the lengths. Students struggled defending their answers for the side lengths since they talked about how they were using their special right rules so “it has to be true”.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_SRT_SpecialRightTriangles_ExitSlip_Construct_PythagoreanTheoremandSpecialRightTrianglesExitSlip

PDF version: 912Geometry_SRT_SpecialRightTriangles_ExitSlip_Construct_PythagoreanTheoremandSpecialRightTrianglesExitSlip


This exit slip is for geometry students learning similarity. Two similar triangles are given and students must find the missing side lengths and scale factor. The final question uses argumentation language and asks students to construct an argument justifying the process of how one the side lengths was found.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_SRT_SimilarTriangles_ExitSlip_Construct_SimilarityExitSlip

PDF version: 912Geometry_SRT_SimilarTriangles_ExitSlip_Construct_SimilarityExitSlip


This exit slip is designed for geometry students working on finding missing angles. Students are provided with a set of parallel lines and a transversal and a couple of angle measures. With the given information, students must find measures of missing angles using knowledge of parallel lines and transversals and the postulates and theorems that come with them. Students are also asked to critique student work and provide a reason as to why a proof does not receive full credit. The proof addresses the common error students make in not identifying that lines are parallel before using definitions such as alternate interior angles.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_ParallelLines_ExitSlip_ConstructCritique_ExitSlip-ParallelLinesandTransversals

PDF version: 912Geometry_ParallelLines_ExitSlip_ConstructCritique_ExitSlip-ParallelLinesandTransversals


This exit slip is created for algebra students to determine knowledge of linear inequalities. Through four problems, students are to write, solve, and graph each question. The problems address creating an inequality from a statement and increase in difficulty.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_REI_LinearInequalities_ExitSlip_ExitSlip

PDF version: 912Algebra_REI_LinearInequalities_ExitSlip_ExitSlip