This task is created for algebra students learning linear inequalities. A word problem and inequality derived from the problem are given, along with three sample solutions. The work helps to correct misconceptions on understanding what the inequality means, how to translate it into words, and how to change the inequality sign. Students are to critique each sample solution and provide a claim, evidence, and warrants.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_REI_LinearInequalities_Worksheet_Critique

PDF version: 912Algebra_REI_LinearInequalities_Worksheet_Critique


This exit slip is created for algebra students to determine knowledge of linear inequalities. Through four problems, students are to write, solve, and graph each question. The problems address creating an inequality from a statement and increase in difficulty.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_REI_LinearInequalities_ExitSlip_ExitSlip

PDF version: 912Algebra_REI_LinearInequalities_ExitSlip_ExitSlip