Graphic Organizer


I used this template to teach fourth graders to critique an argument. They needed to state a claim and support it with examples or non-examples.

Microsoft Word version: AllGrades_GraphicOrganizer_ArgumentationScaffoldWithRepresentationsTemplate

PDF version: AllGrades_GraphicOrganizer_ArgumentationScaffoldWithRepresentationsTemplate


This organizer was useful for helping students develop complete components of arguments. It is useful for teachers to see what students think each component is. It was highly effective for helping students advance their work and facilitating effective feedback.

Microsoft Word version: AllGrades_GraphicOrganizer_ArgumentFrameTemplate

PDF version: AllGrades_GraphicOrganizer_ArgumentFrameTemplate


This is a graphic organizer to aid in the formation of a mathematical argument that can be used in all grades. The organizer is intended for a brief argument and uses mathematical language, along with explanations of what is expected, to encourage students to explain their reasoning, show evidence or work, and construct a written explanation or reasoning.

Microsoft Word version: GraphicOrganizer_BriefArgumentTemplate

PDF version: GraphicOrganizer_BriefArgumentTemplate


This is a blank talk frame that teachers can use to develop lesson plans and discussions. The talk frame nicely sets up classroom discussions in which students will take different sides of an argument and discuss different methods for solving problems. The talk frame provides a space for a guiding question or math problem that the lesson will be focused on, three spaces for different student responses or methods of thinking about the guiding question, and a section to outline the major points that you wish for students to take away from a lesson.

Microsoft Word version: GraphicOrganizer_TalkFrameWorksheetTemplate1

PDF version: GraphicOrganizer_TalkFrameWorksheetTemplate1


This second template of a talk frame is directed at students of any age. The first page has blank space for a Talk About and We Understand section, with directions as to what belongs in each section. The second page provides a space for a Think and Talk idea section, where students can record the claim and possible ideas.

Microsoft Word version: GraphicOrganizer_TalkFrameWorksheetTemplate2

PDF version: GraphicOrganizer_TalkFrameWorksheetTemplate2


This is a graphic organizer to aid in a think pair share for any grade level. Students are given a section to rewrite the question and state their answer, a section with a sentence starter to construct their claim and provide evidence, and a section to record a partner’s thoughts.

Microsoft Word version: GraphicOrganizer_ThinkPairShareTemplate

PDF version: GraphicOrganizer_ThinkPairShareTemplate