Brief Argument


This is a graphic organizer to aid in the formation of a mathematical argument that can be used in all grades. The organizer is intended for a brief argument and uses mathematical language, along with explanations of what is expected, to encourage students to explain their reasoning, show evidence or work, and construct a written explanation or reasoning.

Microsoft Word version: GraphicOrganizer_BriefArgumentTemplate

PDF version: GraphicOrganizer_BriefArgumentTemplate

Gr 6_RP_ProportionalReasoning_BriefArgument_Construct

This task was designed for 6th graders working on condensing their writing to make their argument completely and quickly. The content is scaling figures, using proportional reasoning to prove similarity. Students who struggled with mulitiplying decimals struggled to find a multiplier. Students also struggled with providing sufficient reasoning in the brief space.

Microsoft Word version: 6_RP_ProportionalReasoning_BriefArgument_Construct

PDF version: 6_RP_ProportionalReasoning_BriefArgument_Construct

Gr 4_NF_Fractions_BriefArgument_Construct

This task was intended for grade 4 students. The main objective was to have the students demonstrate understanding of equivalent fractions. The task required them to construct an argument which would help explain whether they agreed or disagreed with the claim.

Microsoft Word version: 4_NF_Fractions_BriefArgument_Construct

PDF version: 4_NF_Fractions_BriefArgument_Construct