Gr 4_OA_Multiplication_ArgumentFrame_Construct

Fourth graders are given this word problem to understand multiplication, though division can be used. This task is formatted as a graphic organizer, with a space for the problem, mathematical practice and vocabulary, claim, evidence, and warrants. Students are to use the graphic organizer to formulate their thoughts and construct an argument to complete the problem.

Microsoft Word version: 4_OA_Multiplication_ArgumentFrame_Construct

PDF version: 4_OA_Multiplication_ArgumentFrame_Construct

Gr 4_NF_FractionsAddition_Problem_Construct

We used this task to teach teachers about how to use a Talk Frame in their instruction to begin lessons that support argumentation. The main objective was to develop teachers’ understanding of how to use the Talk Frame in order to give students the opportunity to first work independently, then as a group, then for groups to present 3 distinct approaches/strategies to problem solving and finally to critique each other’s mathematical argument. This task required teachers to experience participating in a Talk Frame from the lens of the student. They needed to work with their groups to select a strategy, provide evidence of how the strategy got them to their solution, and finally to come away with some understandings either about Talk Frames or around the actual content of the problem.

Microsoft Word version: 4_NF_FractionsAddition_Problem_Construct

PDF version: 4_NF_FractionsAddition_Problem_Construct

Gr 4_NF_Fractions_BriefArgument_Construct

This task was intended for grade 4 students. The main objective was to have the students demonstrate understanding of equivalent fractions. The task required them to construct an argument which would help explain whether they agreed or disagreed with the claim.

Microsoft Word version: 4_NF_Fractions_BriefArgument_Construct

PDF version: 4_NF_Fractions_BriefArgument_Construct