Gr 4_OA_PropertyPrimeNumbers_Problem_Critique

This task is designed for fourth grade students learning about how to classify odd and prime numbers. Students are asked to critique a statement made by a student regarding odd and prime numbers. The task addresses a common misconception that all odd numbers are also prime numbers. Students are asked to use diagrams to help support answers and also provide a counter example in order to prove a statement is false.

Microsoft Word version: 4_OA_PropertyPrimeNumbers_Problem_Critique

PDF version: 4_OA_PropertyPrimeNumbers_Problem_Critique

Gr 4_OA_Multiplication_ArgumentFrame_Construct

Fourth graders are given this word problem to understand multiplication, though division can be used. This task is formatted as a graphic organizer, with a space for the problem, mathematical practice and vocabulary, claim, evidence, and warrants. Students are to use the graphic organizer to formulate their thoughts and construct an argument to complete the problem.

Microsoft Word version: 4_OA_Multiplication_ArgumentFrame_Construct

PDF version: 4_OA_Multiplication_ArgumentFrame_Construct