Gr 6_EE_AlgebraRateOfChange_Problem_Construct

This task is designed for sixth graders developing skills with rate of change. The task provides students with a distance travelled along with the amount of time taken. Students must use this information to determine how far someone could get in a given amount of time. Students must recognize that a rate of change is necessary. Students may solve the problem using a rate and creating an expression, or by creating equivalent fractions, which may open the class to discussion about different methods. Students are asked to provide an explanation and evidence for why a rate is necessary, which provides an opportunity for students to create a solid argument.

Microsoft Word version: 6_EE_AlgebraRateOfChange_Problem_Construct

PDF version: 6_EE_AlgebraRateOfChange_Problem_Construct

Gr 5_OA_AlgebraPatterns_Problem_Construct_DotPattern

Dot Pattern is a scaffolded task in which students must create an expression to represent the number of dots in a figure at any given point in a pattern. Students are given a visual representation of the first three figures and asked to think about how the figures change each time, and how the next figures would look. Ultimately, students will generate an algebraic expression to represent any figure. Students must construct an argument in order to explain why an expression works and where it comes from.

Microsoft Word version: 5_OA_AlgebraPatterns_Problem_Construct_DotPattern

PDF version: 5_OA_AlgebraPatterns_Problem_Construct_DotPattern