In Ice Cream Engineers, geometry students are given the dimensions of a cone and must critique a solution for finding the surface area of the closed cone. Students are asked, through argumentative language and questions, to construct an argument using evidence to support their claim on the solution. Ice Cream Engineers applies knowledge of calculating surface area, using Pythagorean theorem to find a missing side length, and critiquing another student’s claim.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_SurfaceArea_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_IceCreamEngineers

PDF version: 912Geometry_SurfaceArea_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_IceCreamEngineers


The World’s Most Boring Sculpture is a worksheet used in geometry classes. Students must critique calculations made by someone about the surface area of a rectangular prism. The calculations address a common error in which students only find the area of each different face, and fail to acknowledge how many faces are on the figure. Students are asked to create an argument by stating a claim and providing supporting evidence.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_SurfaceArea_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_TheWorldsMostBoringSculpture

PDF version: 912Geometry_SurfaceArea_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_TheWorldsMostBoringSculpture