Gr 5_NBT_DecimalsOrdering_Problem_Critique_BattingOrders

Batting Orders is a task designed for fifth graders developing skills with decimals. Students must critique a student response that has to order three decimals from least to greatest. The decimals all go to thousandths place value. Students must be able to compare the decimals and order them. The task uses argumentation language by asking students to state a claim and consider warrants.

Microsoft Word version: 5_NBT_DecimalsOrdering_Problem_Critique_BattingOrders

PDF version: 5_NBT_DecimalsOrdering_Problem_Critique_BattingOrders

Gr 5_NBT_DecimalsOrdering_FamilyOfTasks_Critique_OrderingDecimalsWithZeroDigits

Ordering Decimals with Zero Digits is a family of tasks on decimals to help fifth graders understand if decimals with more zero digits are greater than those without zero digits. In the first example given, the zeros are in the hundredths and thousandths place values, and the decimals to be ordered have the same number in the tenths place. In the second example, the ones, tenths, and hundredths place values are the same, while the zeros lie in the thousandths and ten-thousandths place. Both examples provide multiple variations and extensions to enforce stronger critiques of the given responses and to contain argumentation language.

Microsoft Word version: 5_NBT_DecimalsOdering_FamilyOfTasks_Critique_OrderingDecimalsWithZeroDigits

PDF version: 5_NBT_DecimalsOdering_FamilyOfTasks_Critique_OrderingDecimalsWithZeroDigits