Gr 6_RP_ProportionalReasoning_Problem_Critique_CarlylesPlants

I used this task with a group of 5 students that I selected for my evaluation. When I started with this group in mid/late January they were chosen by the teacher and myself to receive intervention as well. This year the students were learning about ratios and proportions. I tried to build their understanding of ratios by doing Number Talks before giving them this particular task. The students were required to use a rubric I found on the Exemplars website to help guide them in solving and writing an argument for this problem. The students were instructed to use more than one model to solve this task

Microsoft Word version: 6_RP_ProportionalReasoning_Problem_Critique_CarlylesPlants

PDF version: 6_RP_ProportionalReasoning_Problem_Critique_CarlylesPlants