Gr 5_NF_Fractions_ProblemLesson_Critique_SharingCandyBarsPart1

Sharing Candy Bars Part 1 is a task designed for fifth grade students with strong skills in fractions and decimals. Students are given different scenarios in which candy bars are split amongst people. For example, 3 candy bars are split amongst 4 people, and 4 candy bars are split amongst 5 people. Students must use problem solving skills to decide how these candy bars would be divided equally. Students are asked to identify if the amount of candy bar that each person receives is fair. The task recommends use of manipulatives and provides a detailed outline and lesson plan for teachers to use, but offers a lot of freedom for students. Partner work is recommended, and the task can open the class to many discussions on problem solving methods.

Microsoft Word version: 5_NF_Fractions_ProblemLesson_Critique_SharingCandyBarsPart1

PDF version: 5_NF_Fractions_ProblemLesson_Critique_SharingCandyBarsPart1

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