Gr 3_OA_AdditionSubtraction_WordProblem_Construct

I used this task with my 3rd grade students. The problems are basic addition and subtraction word problems. Although this is a concept students had previously learned at earlier grade levels, it is something that is good to spiral back to. Both problems gave students an opportunity to use regrouping. I had found that many of my students would tense up when seeing math word problems, and instead of showing their work or providing reasoning, would simply put a single number. This task forced students to actually show they reasoning and how they got to their answers, instead of simply writing “the answer.” The task also left room for students to discuss the findings with a partner and record how their partner solved them.

Microsoft Word version: 3_OA_AdditionSubtraction_WordProblem_Construct

PDF version: 3_OA_AdditionSubtraction_WordProblem_Construct