Multi-Step Equations is created for algebra students studying linear equations. Students are given a multi-step linear equation, involving addition and division, and must critique the three solutions provided. In paragraph sentence starters, students are must create a claim and an argument as to why the student responses are correct or incorrect. Argumentative language is used through the sentence starters and questions by asking students to defend a claim and provide evidence to explain mistakes.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_REI_LinearEquations_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_Multi-StepEquations

PDF version: 912Algebra_REI_LinearEquations_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_Multi-StepEquations


Critiquing Proofs is designed for a geometry class, but can be used in an algebra setting, as the task asks students to critique the justification for solving linear equations. Following a three column table format of statements, reasons, and comments, students must accept, correct, or insert missing information for each step of the proof.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_APR_LinearEquations_Worksheet_Critique_CritiquingProofs

PDF version: 912Algebra_APR_LinearEquations_Worksheet_Critique_CritiquingProofs