This performance task on parts of a triangle was given to geometry students. This 15 question multiple-choice and short answer assessment queries students on their knowledge of measurements of internal angles, definitions and classifications, scale factors, finding missing side lengths and angle amounts, and ending in a three part question involving medians. Students are to construct answers and solutions to the variety of material presented.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_TriangleParts_Assessment_Construct_PerformanceTask-PartsofaTriangle

PDF version: 912Geometry_TriangleParts_Assessment_Construct_PerformanceTask-PartsofaTriangle


This task was used as a performance task during our congruent triangles unit. The overall objective was for students to be able prove congruent triangles and classify triangles. This task was given towards the end of our congruent triangles unit either before or after the unit assessment. Students seemed to understand what the task was asking them to do, and the majority of students were able to answer the questions appropriately. Students did struggle on part f where they had to explain the classification of the triangle described.

Microsoft Word version: 912Geometry_CO_TriangleCongruence_Assessment_Construct_PerformanceTask-CongruentTriangles

PDF version: 912Geometry_CO_TriangleCongruence_Assessment_Construct_PerformanceTask-CongruentTriangles