This task is designed as an assessment for algebra students studying functions. Students are given a table, mapping, graph, and set of ordered pairs. Students must recognize which representation does not show a function and provide a justification as to why each is either a function or not a function. The task addresses common misunderstandings in which students believe no y-value can be repeated and no x-value can go to the same value for the y-value. Space is provided for student justifications.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_IF_Functions_Assessment_Construct

PDF version: 912Algebra_IF_Functions_Assessment_Construct


This task was used as a formative assessment in the Algebra 1 course.  Focus on critique of student work to help class discuss and reason the process of writing recursive and explicit sequences.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_SSE_ArithmeticSequences_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_1

PDF version: 912Algebra_SSE_ArithmeticSequences_Worksheet_ConstructCritique_1