A template of the talk frame was used to plan a lesson for algebra students learning about radical equations. Students are given two equations, one with a radical, and need to determine when they intersect and what methods were used by the sample responses. In the Think section, the teacher recorded possible ways the scenario could be reworded, methods used to solve the problem are discussed in the Talk Idea section, and the We Understand section addresses the realization that extraneous solutions need to be checked and how to find such solutions.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_REI_RadicalEquations_LessonPlan_TalkFrameModel-ExtraneousSolutions

PDF version: 912Algebra_REI_RadicalEquations_LessonPlan_TalkFrameModel-ExtraneousSolutions


This task was designed for 9th-12th graders in Algebra 2 to understand the concept of extraneous solutions and the intersection of a radical equation with a linear equation. The task was used to introduce the idea of extraneous solutions. Students already knew how to solve a system of equations. Students struggled to see that not all solutions found algebraically worked but could recognize graphically that there was only one solution. The task required them to defend someone’s solution.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_REI_RadicalEquations_Worksheet_Construct_SolvingRadicalEquations

PDF version: 912Algebra_REI_RadicalEquations_Worksheet_Construct_SolvingRadicalEquations