Arguments – Supplemental Narrated Powerpoints

If you are interested in learning more about arguments or analyzing arguments, particularly using the concepts of claim, warrant evidence, you may find one or more of these short, supplemental presentations or exercises useful. First download the slides, open, and then do “Play Slideshow” and then”from start.”

The voice-over powerpoint presentations target the following ideas:

1. Overview  Argumentation Intro with Voice

This narrated powerpoint introduces the goals of the presentations and revisits
what an argument is and what argumentation is (~2 mins)

2. Toulmin’s Model: claims, warrants, evidence. Argumentation Toulmins and Warrants with Voice

 This presentation introduces Toulmin¹s model and language, and then applies it to three
examples. Extra attention given to warrants. (~9 mins)

3. Turning “steps” into an argument: Argumentation Focus on Procedural with Voice

This presentation focuses on more computational problems and thinking about how problems that seem to involve only explicating your steps are opportunities for argumentation. Specifically, several examples are presented and analyzed to show how sharing warrants/reasons turns something from “explaining steps” into an argument. (~9 mins)

4. The Warrant Are Missing!   The Warrants are Missing w Voice

By using everyday statements, this brief activity can help clarify what a warrant is, and how we often use them implicitly. (~3 mins)