This activity was used in an Algebra 2 classroom. The objective was for students to demonstrate how to determine if linear functions are parallel or perpendicular. The activity was developed for students to work in groups in a hands-on way while using multiple representations (graphs, equations, tables of values) of linear functions. First, students have to find the slope of each linear function then match them as parallel or perpendicular. This activity also serves as a review of how to find the slope from a graph, an equation and a table of values. Students are then given two specific linear functions and asked to show why they are either parallel, perpendicular or neither. The final task if for students to write a mathematical argument in which they must use the definitions of parallel and perpendicular lines to support their claim using the work they have previously done as their evidence.

Microsoft Word version: 912Algebra_IF_ParPerpLines_Worksheet_Construct_ParallelandPerpendicularMatchingActivity

PDF version: 912Algebra_IF_ParPerpLines_Worksheet_Construct_ParallelandPerpendicularMatchingActivity

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